What is a Networking Marketplace?

What is a Networking Marketplace?

Founded in March 2021, Trade Tales is a platform which catalyses 1st degree multi-lateral relationships and trade. It connects people through their purpose every step of the way, so dreams, individuals or businesses have the agility and freedom to flourish. Our aim is to bring diverse human capital, ideas, projects and support together to create economic and social value.

We all have knowledge and perhaps big dreams. But there is a gap between ideas and success. And this gap is the amount of work, time, energy, capital and resources it takes to achieve a great dream or vision. This is why many struggle to make it.

Trade Tales was created to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. From inspiration to implementation, monetization and growth, the platform supports the activities for pursuing your grand objectives. 

We are all at different stages of our journey in life or business and we are all unique. Some of us have problems or goals at any given time while others have the solutions. By leveraging the convenience of a global trade network, it is possible to overcome obstacles, optimize time, innovate and together make dreams come true.




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